Being Stalked !

He is always around me ! refuses to go away ! Help ! Someone please KEEP HIM AWAY !

Trying to get out of it !

It has been a month and still no improvement ! He has no savings ! I’m trying to get out of this relationship but he refuses to let me go ! Help !

Clearly NOT meeting expectations!

Argh this bloody gamer is such a let down. It is starting to disgust me . We keep eating maggi mee at his house and he was so underdressed the last time we went to orchard road ! Unbelievable.

(The charming physicist is such a loverboy ^^ I love spending time with him. Every two days he brings me to Marina Bay Sans 🙂 I love this lifestyle)

Meeting expectations

I can’t seem to break up with the idiot gamer ! He is so clingy . Sigh, the charming scientist on the other hand is such a decent guy ^^ He brought me to a hotel for dinner last night. Impressed ! I hope i can shake off my current boyfriend.

On the lookout

I have been keeping an eye for a potential suitor (richer than my current boyfriend). Not to worry, there are many fish in the sea. I need a rich man to take care of my needs.

Perhaps I need look for someone in the science industry. I heard they earn big bucks these days 🙂


I was looking forward to my date with the genius gamer, but i was shocked to find out that he was not as well-to-do as i thought he was.

I know I sound like a money grabber, but a girl has got to survive ! How else am i supposed to maintain my image and live lavishly ! It would be outrageous to live the rest of my life having to worry about money !